Creation of the fund:

We have great experience in creating Qualified Investor Funds that are structured as SICAVs (i.e. variable capital investment companies) and engage our expertise to fulfil the requirements of our clients. Before a fund is even created or purchased, we are able to build a well-diversified structure that can be well maintained.

Services do we offer in the building of a fund:

  • Establishment of a company and communication with a legal advisor and notary;
  • Arrangements with third parties (primarily with custodians and auditors), including all necessary contracts and documentation;
  • Preparation of the application for the fund’s authorisation with the CNB and communication with the CNB; and
  • Registration with the Commerical Register and Register entry.

Fund management

Similar to administration, fund management is regulated by law. We offer complex investment management and assessment of risks to our clients in order to achieve their investment goals in compliance with the law.

Fund management and portfolio services

  • Creating an investment profile and setting the fund’s investment strategies;
  • Preparation of the fund‘s status;
  • Running the investment process;
  • Risk management;
  • Filing reports for investors;
  • Preparation of reports for the CNB; and
  • Communication with the custodian

Fund administration

For each client, we recommend a suitable investment company that will carry out all of the activities related to the handling of the fund. We have long-term partnerships with the two biggest administrators on the Czech investment market.

Administration services

  • Payment of taxes and other expenses;
  • Compliance and anti-money laundering (AML);
  • Internal audit;
  • Asset valuation and liability;
  • Communication with investors and responding to investor questions;
  • Calculation of the net asset value (NAV) and pricing of securities issued by the fund;
  • Maintenance of the list of shareholders, safekeeping and keeping records on investment securities issued by the fund;
  • Securities transactions (settlement of daily purchases and sales, collection and payments of dividends and interest);
  • Reporting to investors;
  • Reporting to CNB;
  • Preparation of the fund‘s annual and biannual reports and providing key information;
  • Communication with the custodian;
  • Other account servicing related to the management of assets; and
  • Offering securities issued by the fund.